Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Front Cover - Lovely Lily

Lily is a minxy playful, laughable character. What else but an zesty crimson could do the trick for Lily's front and center debut. Definately the final pick for Lily's opening number, cover story. I just got back from a fantastic experience at the publishers in Utah! (contact: David Archer) They were so wonderful and generous to show me around. I learned bucket loads of info about how to print, cut, and mass produce a book. I would recommend a field trip here for anyone interested in learning more!

Page 12 A Mess!

It is labor trying to make someone look messy! I'm telling you. soo hard. Thats when I came up with the idea of putting chilis in the hair. Much less goopy, but still, messy perhaps? (note to good sound publishing) Can I just say... Abigail Richards you are absolutely the best! Your expressions are dynamite! Thanks for your modeling help. This illustration is dedicated to you girl!

Page 11 Chips and Chili Yikes!

Thank goodness for bloomers. Chips and chili you say?...well, a few thrown in the air for good illustration reference to have it accurate!

Page 10 Night

Maxfield Parish comes in handy when trying to do an almost dusk to night scene. You gotta love those golden age illustration masters! They just do it so right. Also, thanks to Rachel Packard for the lampshade idea. Genius! Obviously Lily's imagination is getting the better of her!

Page 8 Ladybug

How does one put pink pajamas on a ladybug? so many legs. Why not make her wings pink and put a sleeping cap on. That should do the trick. I learned a lot about painting clusters and fields of daisies! phew. You squint your eyes to get the basic shapes of white against green. Notice that shapes get thinner and shorter the further back...they also meld together. Less green stem space. Lots of fun!

Page 7- Leaping over Leopards

I went running one morning and noticed that the very early morning gives off a fabulous pink hue! A sunrise ilustration. I also felt like Lily should be tiny and far away. This helps with the pacing of the book... keeping the viewer interested by switching between up close and far awy shots. Good Sound Publishing also suggested that I needed a second leopard to match the words...working out perfectly because, well, everyone, even leopards need a lover when they are lounging on a divine plush couch right!