Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mosaic Mural

Another 30 foot nautical mosaic mural this time! Completed with the help of over 500 kids at Nimitz Elementary School. (2005) Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the School. My part to play was designing over 20 different clay sea creatures and subsequently teaching each grade a to make one of each creature. Mosaic piece collected from old pottery, china, and scraps from local bay area tile companies. Gray grout used. Mural Design by Tracy Burris. Picture taken of Me and my sister Julianne Hansen.

John Lennon Mural

A 30 foot mural painted by myself and the singularly amazing Thomas Stanton of Holy City Art Glass. (2009) We had to get a pool guy to smear plaster all over the wall before we could even paint so as to create a nice smooth surface. Tom and I worked on this for 1 month during the summer and had a blast! We incorporated children from all over the world in the front of the mural and even got one of my students to pose for me. Karen Rivera is pushing the big beach ball. I can't seem to find a pic of the whole mural finished, so I will have to go take a pic and post it later!

Hot air balloon library mural

A hot air balloon mural painted for the Library of Nimitz Elementary School. (2008) Painting done in exterior house paints mixed with Nova Color paints. Clouds sponged on with huge bristle brush and smeared with cloth.

School is Cool! Nimitz T-shirt

T-shirt illustration for Nimitz Elementary School, where I have had the awesome opportunity to teach art since 2004. What an honor and what a fabulous bunch of kids! We wanted to convey the idea that school is cool! and thus the surfing dolphin, who happens to be our school mascot. This illustration was drawn in pencil, scanned, painted in Corel Painter, and typeface done in Illustrator. (created 2010)

Sammy Learns to Talk : Love is in the Air!

Sammy Learns to Talk : Dancing Pig

Sammy Learns to Talk : Moose Lips

Sammy Learns to Talk : The Flirty Lamb

Sammy Learns to Talk : Giraffe

I had the fabulous privilege to illustrate 2 books for Good Sound Publishing, a couple of years ago. Along with Lovely Lily, I also illustrated Sammy Learns to Talk which is a fun story about a Snake who goes on a walk and meets all sorts of characters with different colors. The fun twist at the end of the book shows Sammy finally meeting Sally the Snake and they slither off into the distance, making a heart shape with their bodies. The following posts show a few pages from this book.


A funny little illustration of a woman who searches high and low for supreme quality and rarely finds it. Illustration done in Fireworks over scanned in pencil drawing.

"Download" Google Buttons

Here are a couple of graphics I created in Illustrator for a possible Google "Download" Button. The idea was to show tremendous amounts of information whizzing down to someone's computer.