Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Enchanted Moss

Experiments with Adobe Illustrator. Recently fascintated by surface designers and their creations. Discovered a gem of a website here.


The Crazy Newman Clan said...

Angela, I'm a friend of Rich Smith's and he introduced me to your wonderfully brilliant work. Interestingly, I have been looking for an illustrator for a childrens book I've written. It's a childrens book but it's actually for adults. . . I lost my oldest son tragically in an accident almost 5 years ago. I wrote this about 2 years ago and put it on my blog. From there the fire was lit and it started circulating in the grief world of blogging. I have prayed about publishing it for years and only got a big fat STOP sign until this last month I received an impression, 'the door will be opened for you. You will know when the right time is.' I have had a vision inside of my head of the illustrations and have seen and scouted out several illustrators but when I saw yours I knew it was by no chance that I met Rich and I told him of the book and he told me of you:) SO, tell me what you think, what it will take to get it illustrated and ultimately published. It's gold, and I think it's needed by a lot of people. Thank you and you are magnificently talented.
www.daysofmichelleslife.blogspot.com (You can Read it on my Blog. The post was just done today, January 2nd. It's the part that says, "My Best Friend Grief".

The Crazy Newman Clan said...

ps. My email is michelle.kra@gmail.com. You need your email on here for people to contact you!!!

Andrea said...

Gorgeous! And oh my goodness, I love your blog. Illustration has always fascinated me, and I was always a little jealous of the illustration majors (I majored in art ed) -you guys create such amazing work! Love it