Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Heavenly Ever After T Shirt

I was chosen to be camp director this past year for the youth of our church. The theme was "Heavenly Ever After" so I wanted to incorporate 2 ideas: one of a crown for royalty and the second, a temple spire for spirituality. I also thought it would be fun to put hidden images of girly things that I enjoy into the designs of the crown. Can you find the egret, fig, notes, flower, high heel shoe among others? This project really stretched my shape making skills, but I learned a lot!


Afton said...

you have the luckiest ward. That would win a world wide church competition of stake girls camp logos! I love the hidden objects!

LMo said...
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LMo said...

I coach at a private Christian school. In my search for tiaras (I call my team the Warrior Princesses since they are children of the King) I came across your design. It is amazing. Your other work is incredible as well. You are blessed to be such a gifted artist. Thank you for sharing your work where we can see it.